Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Mamie Taylor's

February 4, 2015

Pimento grilled cheese sandwich w kimchi, pickles, scallions - 2

J's comment > not bad; excellent and generous amt of cheese, very gooey; bread toasted well; hint of spice but not too much

Shrimp & grits: Grilled shrimp, spicy tomato, roasted okra, chorizo, buttarga - 2

J's comment > not bad; best grits I've had, better than the ones in New Orleans a few years back, good texture, lumpy but in the right way; shrimp OK, decent amt of listed ingredients

Stuffed chicken wings w boudin noir, green chilli apple sauce - 2

J's comment > chock full of boudin noir (AKA blood sausage) visually, but it didn't taste coppery at all as you'd expect of blood, actually it didn't taste much different than 'avg' meat; sauce not too spicy, a passable pairing w the wings but not the best

Bumps on a log: Chicken liver mousse, celery, onion jam, crispy chicken skin - 2

J's comment > lovely chicken liver mousse; went very well w the celery actually; as a hater of celery, I actually didn't mind it too much in this combo

Potato Salad w warm, smoked sablefish, clams, basil oil, pickled onions - 2

J's comment > potatoes cooked well but would prefer it to be even softer; didn't get the sablefish at all; clams OK

The fried chicken w celeriac & parsnip waffle, red cabbage coleslaw, pickled pear salad, gravy - 2

J's comment > very thick cut of chicken (one piece white and one piece dark, no substitutions, I asked); skin passable, not soggy, but not the crispest either; not dry, but could be a lot juicier too; waffle OK, soft enough, but not mushy, good celeriac and parsnip flavors

Baba ganoush: Roast eggplant, sweet & spicy chorizo, mint, pine nuts, toasted corn bread - 2

J's comment > generous amt of eggplant, chips and corn bread; eggplant OK, not too spicy, would like a touch more chorizo though; corn bread borderline dry but passable; chips too hard for my liking

Lagunitas: Little sumpin' sumpin' ale - 2

J's comment > easy to drink beer, not too hoppy


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