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Shak Tea

February 8, 2015

Afternoon tea - 2

Brownie - 2

White chocolate triangle - 2

Lemon meringue tart - 2

Coffee cup - 2

J's comment > desserts were not bad, but definitely nothing worth going back for; the brownie was moist and dense as it should be; both the white chocolate and lemon meringue centers were liquidy, but the flavors weren't too sweet

Maple Pecan French Pastry - 2

Scones - 2

J's comment > what a sad sad day... the maple pecan pastry that was a solid 3 back in 2013 is now a mere avg, what's-next pastry; still flaky and soft, but served at room temp (actually everything was served at room temp) and needed stronger maple and pecan flavors; a decent croissant-like pastry, but not what it used to be; scones were borderline hard and not flavorful at all of whatever flavor they were supposed to be

West Coast Express Crumpet: Ricotta salmon spread, cucumber, pecans on housemade griddle cake - 2

J's comment > intriguing texture of the crumpet, slightly spongy and chewy; would have been better if it were warmer (again, served at room temp); toppings OK, but would have liked more

PBO Crumpet: Caramelized onions, pear, brie on housemade griddle cake - 2

J's comment > same comment as above

Original Honeybush - 2

J's comment > reminiscent of a light rooibos but not as potent

Ice Shaktea fine green - 2

J's comment > not too bitter, a very light green tea

Pomegranate Magnolia - 2

J's comment > fruity and slightly tangy

Whisked matcha - 2

J's comment > on the bitter end, definitely no sugar added


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Extra Comment
FYI, the current owners/staff are of the same family that previously owned and operated Shak Tea, but unfortunately the original owner who impressed me with the previous afternoon tea in 2013 is no longer with the cafe.

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