Sunday, February 15, 2015

Soffee Cafe

February 15, 2015

Afternoon High Tea: 13 piece set of mini savory bites & tender sweeties w choice of tea - 2

Close(r) up shot of just the food

Seared scallop - 2

J's comment > well cooked, tender, not rubbery or raw, but would have liked a touch more sear; served at room temp though, which the server confirmed was what the kitchen aimed for; personally I prefer my seafood served hot unless it's sashimi or ceviche, but nonetheless a pretty flavorful scallop

Lobster delight - 2

J's comment > slightly underdone but flavorful; according to the kitchen the general clientele so far actually prefers the lobster underdone; again, served at room temp

The side kicks

The Savories
Smoked Salmon Panini - 2

Roasted stuffed mushroom - 2

Prosciutto Asparagus - 2

Caprese bite - 2

J's comment > surprisingly, the salmon panini was served warm unlike the scallop and lobster above (actually it was the ONLY item served warm); good thin crisp on the panini bread w a good balance of salmon and cream cheese in the center; mushroom cap OK, not watery at all; asparagus crisp; overall, all items fresh, esp the tomato and buffala mozz

The Sweet
Orange cupcake - 2

Creme Brulee - 2

Chocolate Mousse - 2

Panna Cotta - 2

Choux cream puff - 2

J's comment > cupcake a touch firmer and denser than I prefer but frosting was a good texture, creamy but not heavy or greasy; creme brulee another good texture, very flavorful but not too eggy w the slightest crisp of caramelized sugar; chocolate mousse very creamy and airy but base cake was a touch stale; panna cotta sadly not the best, texture too firm; cream puff's choux could have used a few more mins in the oven for that extra crispness, filling was slightly curd-y and needed more sugar

Shrimp salad - 1

J's comment > bland and slightly rubbery; the server advised us that it was actually tossed w black sea salt but the salt was only on top, and of course made the pieces on top too salty

Surprise tea - 2

J's comment > smelled wonderful and different from your avg rooibos, but sadly tasted like a rooibos; a good smooth tea, but I've never been a fan of rooibos

Afternoon Tea Menu

Regular Menu

One corner of Soffee Cafe - so quaint!

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Extra Comment
For the month of Feb, Soffee is offering a soft opening promo of 10% off (I think on everything in store). Reservations are strongly suggested for high tea.

FYI, this is a family run business; the name 'Soffee' is a play on words from 'Sophia' (the matriach) and 'coffee'. All the furniture were personally selected and collected over the years (the care and attention to detail shows!).

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