Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Zabu Chicken

February 11, 2015

#4 Zabu soy combo (wings & drumsticks) - 2

J's comment > passable deep fried crispness on the wings; not much actual meat on the inside though, despite appearances; flavor was more sweet than salty (you'd think a soy would be savory); FYI, prior to ordering I asked the server if I could have just the original (AKA no sauce added) deep fried chicken and she advised that they only serve the original fried chicken as a whole chicken.... WTF?!

Complimentary cabbage & pickled radish - 2

J's comment > firm and crisp pickled radish, slightly sweet; cabbage had some mayo on it but couldn't really taste the mayo

#4 Sul Lang Tang: Slicked beef served w sea salt & green onions to taste, w steamed rice and side dishes - 1

J's comment > worst beef 'stew' I've ever had; the 'stew' was plain boiled hot water with some mystery whiteness to it, completely bland! beef was overcooked and bland as well; two exact spoonfuls of noodles; smallest portion ever; seriously, save your $10 and fill up at a ramen shop in the 'hood

Questionable potato salad

J's comment > didn't try this as the patch of black on the potato at the bottom right of the picture suggested mold or something equally unappetizing. If you look carefully, the darkness on the top right potato suggests the same disease taking place. 

Another shot of the miserable excuse Zabu calls food with no flash


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