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Au Comptoir

March 19, 2015

Magret de Canard: Duck breast, gratin dauphinois, pickled raisin purée, endive - 2

J's comment > not bad; duck cooked well, just the slightest bit tough but not chewy, generous portion too; tender dauphinois and endives; raisin puree a good pairing, but in the end would have liked more duck jus

Blanquette de Veau: Classic creamy veal stew, rice - 2

J's comment > not bad; very tender veal but a touch bland; the sauce was on the watery side

Bavette Pommes Dauphines: Skirt steak, pommes dauphines, shallot-red wine sauce - 2

J's comment > not bad; steak cooked well, like the duck though, a bit tough but not chewy; addictive pomme dauphines (deep fried mash potato balls), crisp exterior and soft center; also like the duck, would have liked more sauce 

Thurs special: Cheese Night, 4 kinds of cheeses - 2

J's comment > not bad; decent cheeses, the fav was definitely the blue which was creamy and fluffy (unfortunately I couldn't make out what the server was saying when he was describing the cheeses, very strong French accents from all the servers); FYI, the 'special' is actually in the price, 4 kinds of cheese for $18 as opposed to the 3 for $15 on other days

Faisan Roti et son pithivier: Roasted pheasant, chestnut pithivier, coffee-roasted carrots - 2

J's comment > pheasant a bit dry and needs more sauce; pithivier (the round bumpy-looking pastry on the right) had a decent crust, but center was something akin to meatloaf; didn't get the coffee flavor at all from the carrots although they were tender

Complimentary bread and butter - 2

J's comment > not bad; served at room temp

Oeufs Meurette: Eggs, shallot red wine sauce, bacon, perigord truffle - 2

J's comment > eggs cooked well, slightly runny as expected; bold flavored bourgignon sauce; didn't taste the truffle; bread was too hard, more like a cracker

Salade Vercingétorix: Baby gem lettuce, soft-poached egg, gruyère, anchovy - 2

J's comment > egg poached so soft it's practically raw; anchovy flavor present but not too strong; fronds OK; would have liked more gruyere 

Bloc de Foie Gras: Foie gras torchon, brioche - 1

J's comment > least foie flavored foie I've ever had, it tasted like just animal fat! brioche was OK, firm but soft on the bite

Tarte Citron: Lemon Meringue Tart - 2

J's comment > decent lemon tart, but nothing outstanding; custard was soft and ran a bit when the tart shell was cracked as is the norm 

Tarte Tatin: Upside-down apple tart w salted caramel ice cream - 2

J's comment > way too much apples to tart shell and ice cream; it might as well have been just pan seared apples; apples were lukewarm which was surprising since the server advised us that the kitchen made it to order

Paris Brest - 2

J's comment > choux soft; whipped cream OK

Creme Caramel: Traditional vanilla bean caramel flan - 2

J's comment > flan not too sweet; biscotti wasn't the best pairing, too hard for the soft flan


The revolving tower of sugar!! :D

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Extra Comment
FYI, all the staff, both kitchen and FOH (front of the house) are from Paris. I chose to try this resto despite landing in Paris in less than 2 wks to gauge how different Parisian bistros in Paris are compared to Parisian bistros in YVR.

To be continued...

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