Sunday, March 15, 2015

Audrey's Moment

March 15, 2015

Afternoon tea: Luxury - 2+

J's comment > very well done! both savouries and sweets very good, but I personally liked the savories a touch more


Strawberry & rose macaron - 2+

Greek yogurt panna cotta w grapefruit gelee - 2
Chocolate peanuts tart - 2

Strawberry mousse cake - 2

Strawberry Napoleon - 2

J's comment > lovely macaron, a bit more filling than crust, just the way I like it, crust lightly crisp and w decent amt of meringue, not just air, bold rose & strawberry flavors but not too overwhelming; decent panna cotta, not too stiff but could be softer, good balance w the grapefruit tartness; chocolate peanut tart cake moist and a bit crunchy, just the way I like my chocolate and peanut; strawberry mousse cake soft and spongy, but mousse a touch firm; napoleon crust crisp but tasted 'eggy', not a fan

Black Currant Scone w mascarpone cheese & rose jam - 2

Bacon & spinach quiche - 1

J's comment > scone served warm (but you have to eat this first or it gets cold fast), a bit dry, decent but not the best scone ever; loved the rose jam though, bold rose notes without being too much; didn't get the mascarpone in the mascarpone cheese, would have preferred simple devonshire cream; quiche was dreadful, firm and eggy, w a weird combo of bacon and spinach


Potato salad & tiger prawn sandwich - 2+

Seafood Basket: Tuna, corn and bonito - 2+

Salami croissant - 2+
Prosciutto w tomato jam & garlic mayo - 2+

Smoked wild sockeye salmon ciabatta - 2

J's comment > firm prawn w just the right amt of potato salad; loved the crisp of the cone, a good balance to the creamy tuna, didn't get the corn part though (FYI, the bonito might present a strong whiff on the first bite, but this dissipates quickly); perfect portion of croissant, salami and the other fillings (usually it's just a hunk of croissant and very little else), croissant was decent too, crisp, not too doughy; good pairing of the prosciutto w the jam and mayo underneath, good balance of the sweet and salty; smoked salmon not too fishy as I usually find, but still a bit stringy, so you have to pop the whole piece in your mouth or risk engaging in a tug-of-war 

Rosegarden: Black tea blend, Rose petals, carrant, apricot, mango, blue corn flowers - 2

J's comment > not bad; a third win of the day, another rose item that just nailed the rose flavor; strong enough that I could taste the rose upon sipping the tea after having taken a bite of the goodies, but not so strong that I would gag; didn't get the other listed ingredients but then I was really after the rose anyways


Pastry case by the door

The 'salon'

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Extra Comment
FYI, the menu also offers soup, salads and pastas if you're not into the afternoon tea 'thing', although you really should. :D

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