Saturday, March 21, 2015

Beta5 Chocolates

March 21, 2015

Cream puffs - 2+
(favs in descending order, not per the picture above)

Pear & Ginger
Coconut & Passionfruit
Vietnamese Coffee
Raspberry Earl Grey
Banana Cream
Dark Chocolate & Caramel
Milk Chocolate Praline
Milk Chocolate S'more
Walnut & Apricot

J"s comment > perfect choux as always; flavors were also very consistent, all of them w fluffy and generous amt of cream; the slightly tart cream puffs were even better as the tartness helped cut through the heaviness of the cream;

the Pear & Ginger came out on top despite my dislike of ginger as the ginger flavor wasn't too strong;

Vietnamese coffee simply unique and hence a perennial top 3;

banana cream was exactly that, like a banana cream pie in the choux puff;

the chocolates were even heavier than the inherent cream in the puff was already, but definitely a must for chocolate lovers;

walnut & apricot was just weird though... the lovely fluffy cream was more of a walnut puree, which was fine, except I wanted more of a cream in my cream puff


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Extra Comment

Thanks A. for the cream puffs! :D

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