Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blacktail Restaurant

March 12, 2015

Ducks & Waffles: Foie gras & duck liver mousse, candy apple gel, hibiscus - 3

J's comment > an encore win; waffles just as soft yet lightly crisp as last visit; very smooth foie and mousse, not as salty as last visit, flavor of foie just right; last visit's was already very good, but it was even better tonight

Heritage Angus Beef Short Rib: 72hr sous vide short rib, scalloped potato pave, brussel sprouts - 3

J's comment > incredibly tender short rib, juicy, not chewy or tough in the least; pave decent; brussel sprouts and turnips a touch harder than I like my root veggies

Mushroom Pappardelle: House made pasta, green kale, parmesan cream - 2

J's comment > pasta sadly not as wonderful as last visit's, a touch too soft; mushroom flavor not as pronounced either in the sauce as it was last time, actually not much parmesan either; kale could have been torn up into even smaller pieces

Earl grey pannacotta & chocolate cake - 2

J's comment > pannacotta very stiff in texture (I like mine more jiggly); earl grey flavor present, but didn't wow; chocolate cake light, but like a sugar free brownie (yes, ick)

Spank the Devil: Omeca Gold tequila, cinzano rosso, Odd Society creme de cassis, Fernet Brance, Laphrosig Quarter Cask, Bittered Sling Clingstone peach bitters - 1

J's comment > very bitter and burned all the way down...


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Extra Comment
FYI, 'Blacktail Restaurant' used to be called 'Blacktail Florist' but I guess the name affected their publicity (who'd have thunk you'd go to a 'florist' for dinner)? So it's now Blacktail Restaurant. Oh, and we had a Travel Zoo voucher for this, which is sadly no longer available.

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