Sunday, March 01, 2015

De Dutch on West 2nd

March 1, 2015

Classic Pannekoek w 2 eggs, edam, sausage & maple syrup - 2

J's comment > not bad; pannekoek texture a touch overdone, not as fluffy as I'd like but still decent; cheese a touch too much and too heavy for the pannekoek, (the depth of the cheese was the same as the pannekoek!); sausage overcooked and dry; FYI, the sausage is baked into the pannekoek; maple syrup didn't work as well as I'd like on the savoury pannekoek, definitely do the maple syrup w a non-savoury pannekoek

Classic Pannekoek w 2 eggs, edam, cheddar, ham & maple syrup - 2

J's comment > same comment on the pannekoek as above; cheddar didn't really do anything for the pannekoek, might as well have just stuck to edam; egg experience was ruined as the first egg yolk was obviously cracked when cooking, and the chef added another egg to make the request 'over easy' (note the slightly scrambled egg yolk in the center); as we the sausage, ham was overcooked and dry; 
FYI, the ham is also baked into the pannekoek

Orange Juice - 2

J's comment > slightly sour, so pretty sure this was freshly squeezed


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Extra Note

FYI you can get half portions. These were also part of the bday promo that De Dutch offers (you have to get a card for $10, but it totally pays for itself after 1 bday)

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