Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dynasty / 皇朝海鮮酒家

March 28, 2015

Actual entrance on the inside (no indication whatsoever from the street)

Steamed honeycomb cake - 2+

J's comment > fun to eat! very spongy & gummy; not too sweet but w strong honey notes

Cross section view of above-mentioned cake; you can really see straight through!

Sauteed black cod w green onion & ginger - 2

J's comment > not bad; black cod cooked well, tender and not too salty, though you do have to watch out for some fish bones 

Peking duck: Duck skin wrap - 2

J's comment > avg peking duck; as G. noted, duck wasn't cooked long enough as the skin color was not brown enough and there was way too much fat underneath; skin could be a lot crisper, but decent amt of meat left on as requested

The entire duck carved à la table

Baked egg tart - 2

J's comment > served piping hot, very custard-y center; tart shell a bit on the soft side probably due to the right-out-of-the-oven' factor

Pork & preserved egg congee - 2

J's comment > avg congee

Steamed chicken feet - 2

J's comment > avg chicken feet, not as hard as some other places, but could be softer still

Pan fried yam pie stuffed w egg yolk - 2

J's comment > loved the sticky mochi factor; egg yolk in the center could have been even more liquidy though

Steamed shrimp dumpling (har gao) - 2

J's comment > avg har gao; shrimp fresh, but wrapper a bit sticky

Deep fried taro w BBQ duck meat - 2

J's comment > taro OK, didn't get much duck or duck flavor though

Seamed pork dumpling (siu mai) - 2

J's comment > fish roe was very smelly, but other than that a decent pork filling

Steamed BBQ pork bun - 2

J's comment > avg steamed buns, texture soft; BBQ filling also avg

Mushroom dumpling - 2

J's comment > wrapper very sticky, impossible to cut through without ripping the whole piece apart; mushrooms very finely chopped but flavor not as strong

Pan fried cake stuffed w chinese sausage - 2

J's comment > intriguing, dough was slightly chewy, almost like mochi; filling was way more chives than sausage

Baked BBQ pork pie w lemon - 2

J's comment > avg flaky crust w avg BBQ filling; the lemon did not work for me at all, though at least two other diners really liked this

Peking duck course #2: Sweet & sour duck - 2

J's comment > exactly like the sweet and sour pork except w a different protein; sweet and sour sauce a touch heavy too, didn't taste the duck at all

Dim Sum Menu

Dinner Menu

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Extra Comment
FYI, 15% off of dim sum if you leave your table before 11:30am.

Thanks to G.^2 and S.^2 for letting me order whatever I wanted! You guys are awesome! :D

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