Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fraser Court / 紅日大酒家

March 22, 2015

#3 Chicken feet w peanuts in black bean sauce - 2

J's comment > not bad; very tender and adequately-sized chicken feet; a bit salty, but good

#44 Rice in hot pot w assorted chinese sausages - 2

J's comment > not bad; rice a bit al dente, just the way I like it; decent amt of chinese sausages and the flavoring

#2 Steamed pork dumplings (shiu-mai) - 2

J's comment > not bad; juicy and fresh siu mai; missing a certain je ne sais quoi though, like everything else today...

#65 Durian moon cake - 2

J's comment > not bad; very creamy durian; the 'moon cake' was actually a mochi, good sticky texture

Daily special: Baked pineapple bun w BBQ pork (cha shu) filling - 2

J's comment > passable, but nowhere near the quality of the ones we had last time; topping not as much sugar; buns warm, but tasted reheated instead of freshly made (bun crust was a bit hard)

#60 Baked egg custard tarts - 2

J's comment > avg egg custard tarts; tart shell could be even flakier

#86 Deep fried chicken wings - 2

J's comment > passable wings, juicy but too salty; skin was crisp

#85 Deep fried squid tentacles w pepper & salt - 2

J's comment > just like last visit, batter was a bit soft and squid was a touch too firm; a bit too salty too this time around

#39 Stuffed eggplants w shrimp paste - 2

J's comment > soft eggplants, a touch greasier than last visit's; shrimp paste firm yet bouncy, but as much of it as last visit's

#55 Rice Flour Rolls wraps w chinese donut - 2

J's comment > slightly better than last visit, but donut still on the chewy side, could be much better

#130 Lean pork w century eggs congee - 2

J's comment > same as last visit, decent congee, nothing extraordinary but does the trick

#1 Fraser Court prawn dumplings (Ha Kow) - 2

J's comment > even worse that last visit, the wrapper completely stuck to each other; prawn center firm, could be juicier

Daily special: Soy sauce stir fried rice rolls - 2

J's comment > rice rolls still firm, I prefer mine softer; soy flavor penetrated deeper than just on top like last visit

#62 Steamed buns w golden creamy custard - 2

J's comment > center not as liquidy as it was before and we dug in immediately too; breading was too thick

#66 Baked tapioca pudding - 2

J's comment > avg tapioca pudding, passable crust, but a bit overcooked (too stiff)


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