Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jun Yuan / 進源火鍋

March 15, 2015

#A9 Sliced premium beef (plates 1 to 3) - 2+

J's comment > very tender, excellent texture, as you can see, not 'too' fatty; unfortunately, after plate 3, the kitchen decides to offer us something sub par instead (see below)

#A15 Sliced pork jowl meat - 2

J's comment > crisp pork, not too fatty; I prefer these BBQ'd or grilled though

#A13 Sliced lamb meat - 2

J's comment > not too gamey but definitely strong lamb tones; texture good, tender

#A18 Cheese sausage - 2

#A10 Premium beef cube - 2

J's comment > sausage didn't actually have any cheese but was definitely a bit salty; beef cube not as good as the sliced beef version (above), a bit chewy

#A32 Housemade fish noodles - 2

J's comment > fun, like a slightly softer version of age-udon w/out much batter; definitely pick this over the other starchy items

#A11 Sliced sirloin beef - 2

J's comment > very lean and very thin, definitely pass

Sliced premium beef (plate 4) - 2

J's comment > OK, now scroll back up to the top. Do these two plates of beef even look like they're from the same portion of the cow?! I complained to the manager/owner (of course) and she advised that not every part of the cow is the same (no shit, that's why I chose 'premium' and not 'reject'); solution? I asked for a fork and knife to cut out the ridiculous amt of fat and left it on the plate to send a message to the kitchen (although I don't think this place cares...)

BTW, the DIY list you check off lists every item by piece/slice. So if you put '1' next to the beef, you get 1 slice. Funny, I marked '50' for the sliced premium beef and only ever got at most 2 plates of 15 pieces at a time. Solution? Keep marking '50'.

#A35 Housemade beef ball - 2

J's comment > beef texture a bit 'gummy', even after having boiled it for 20 mins; not a fan

#A67 Deep fried white silver fish - 2

J's comment > very crisp, but the golden yellow suggests that the oil used to deep fry the 'white' fish is in need of a replacement as this is supposed to be white...

#A59 Tofu puff - 2

J's comment > apparently deep fried... would have appreciated the indication on the menu; the deep fry factor turned this tofu dry and greasy

#A6 Soft tofu soup - 2

#A4 Pork stomach w black pepper - 1

J's comment > not much flavor w the soft tofu soup; pork stomach soup just stunk to high heaven...


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