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Kin Kao

March 3, 2015

Red curry w squash (Kaeng dang): Coconut milk, red curry paste, lime leaves, squash, bamboo shoots, Thai sweet basil, palm sugar and fish sauce - 2

J's comment > not bad; tasty red curry and the fav of all three; good balance on the sweet & salty factors; didn't get the squash but flavor still very good

Phat Thai: Prawns served w tofu, rice noodles, bean sprouts, Chinese chives, crushed peanut, ground dried chili, egg, peanuts and tamarind sauce - 2

J's comment > not bad; one of the better pad thai's I've had the pleasure of sampling; noodles not too soft (last soft pad thai I had was @ Maenam), excellent bounce; prawns crisp; generous amt of all the listed ingredients which were all pretty decent but nothing that particularly stood out; FYI, you can order the pad thai w chicken instead if you like

Panaeng curry chicken (Panaeng nua): Chicken breast, coconut milk, panaeng curry paste, fine beans, peanut sauce, kaffir lime leaves, palm sugar, and fish sauce - 2

J's comment > not bad; very tender chicken and not too dry as feared for a chicken breast; curry flavorful w strong peanut tones

Chicken Satay (Satay Gai): Chicken tender strips marinated w coriander & cumin seeds, kosher salt, lemongrass, turmeric, galangal, white pepper, and coconut milk served w house peanut sauce - 2

J's comment > chicken again very tender; peanut sauce a bit too thick though, making it hard to stick onto the actual chicken when dipping; flavor of the chicken itself without the peanut sauce could be stronger

Deep fried crispy pork belly (Moo grop): Roasted crispy pork belly, oyster sauce, soy sauce, garlic, white pepper served w jaew dipping sauce & sticky rice - 2

J's comment > decent pork belly strips, crisp w good balance of skin, fat and meat; sticky rice didn't really make sense w the pork belly though

Grilled marinated pork collar (Ko mu yang): Pork collar marinated w palm sugar, oyster sauce, fish sauce and served w jaew dipping sauce - 2

J's comment > way too salty... but texture good, crisp yet juicy

Spicy grilled beef red grape salad (Yum nua): Sliced sirloin strip steak, red grapes, lemongrass, mint, lime leaves, garlic, Thai chili, fish sauce, and lime juice - 2

J's comment > good flavors w strong fish sauce and lime notes, although quite spicy; steak slightly tough and a bit chewy; grapes an intriguing addition, but can't say it was life-changing

Green curry chicken (Kaeng kio waan kai): Chicken, coconut milk, green curry paste, Thai eggplants, lime leaves, bamboo shoots, palm sugar, and Thai sweet basil leaves - 2

J's comment > slightly too salty; chicken a touch dry; curry itself was not as impressive as the other two either

Deep fried sour cured pork ribs (Naem SI Krong Mu Tort): Pork ribs marinated w cooked rice, kosher salt, and garlic - 2

J's comment > slightly too salty; pork ribs had more ribs than pork; what there was of the pork was also a touch dry and a bit tough

Sticky rice - 2

J's comment > slightly dry and hard; would have liked the rice to be a bit softer; didn't soak up the curries' sauces as well as the jasmine rice


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Extra Comment
FYI, you have the option of choosing how spicy you want your dishes. We went with 'medium' overall and it turned out quite spicy actually.

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