Sunday, March 01, 2015


March 1, 2015

Age-udon: Crispy udon noodle with seafood and vegetables with soup - 2

J's comment > not bad; batter could be crisper and udon was a touch soft but pairing w the soup was still pretty good; FYI, peel off only the amt of noodle you are going to eat before dunking in the soup, or you'll end up w well, just regular udon w soggy batter

Red Tuna Tower: Chopped red tuna, avocado & mango on sushi rice - 2

J's comment > not bad; very fresh fish; mango surprisingly sweet considering the time of year; would have liked a touch more avocado

Black cod miso: Grilled miso marinated black cod - 2

Dinner set: Sunomono, kobachi, miso soup, rice & pickles - 2

J's comment > not bad; black cod cooked well and flavorful without being dry or too salty; set meal was exactly as you saw, avg rice w avg miso soup, avg sunomono and pickles

Scallop special roll: Chopped scallop roll wrapped in soy paper topped with chopped scallop & mango - 2

Salmon nigiri - 2

Tamago nigiri: Egg - 2

J's comment > fresh scallop in the scallop roll, would have appreciated it more if the rolls standing up had scallop on top as well; tamago nigiri was cold, and better than the avg sushi joint, but no match for Octopus Garden

Assorted Oden - 2

J's comment > oden passable but slightly sub par; most items too soft and all flavors blended in to taste the same; the mochi kin (tofu bag w mochi) was almost mush, none of the sticky mochi that a mochi bag should have

Spinach Gomaae: Blanched spinach with sesame miso paste - 2

J's comment > avg gomaae

Chicken teriyaki - 2

Dinner set: Sunomono, kobachi, miso soup, rice & pickles - 2

J's comment > chicken much too salty but was at least tender; same comment on the dinner set as above

Shiratama Zenzai: Rice cake w hot red beans paste - 2

J's comment > not bad; red beans sweet but not saccharine; good mochi texture, a touch too soft, but at least not as mushy as the mochi kin


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