Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ramen Koika

March 24, 2015

Black Garlic Ramen ((白) 黒マ―油醤油ラーメン): Roasted seaweed, Soft boiled egg, Cha-shu, Black tree fungus, Green onion, Garlic chip, Black garlic oil w hard noodles & fatty pork - 2

J's comment > very tender pork, excellent marbling, definitely more on the fatty side as requested; also as requested, noodles were on the firm side, but would have liked it to be a bit bouncier, à la Taishoken; broth was not as garlicky as advertised though, would have preferred the kitchen to have used the garlic chips quota to make an even stronger garlic broth 


Challenge! Finish a bowl of spicy ramen in 15mins and get it for free!

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