Saturday, March 21, 2015

Swiss Bakery

March 21, 2015

Frissant: Original - 2

J's comment > not bad; very crisp and fluffy, soft; a decadent amt of custard cream in the center; very heavy, and sadly very greasy this time around, the bottom half of the Frissant was just dripping oil; on the other hand, still consistently crisp; as before though, 
flavor-wise, this version of the Frissant was essentially the same as the previous 'Cookies and cream' which is/was just custard cream in the center but without the sprinkling of 'cookie' on top, not bad, but not impressive; FYI, the flavors change monthly for both the Frissant & Cronut

as mentioned before, the Frissant is a taller and crisper version of THE Cronut; loved the fluffy/crisp blend of the Frissant, I'd have to say the Frissant is slightly more 'croissant' and the Cronut is a bit more balanced in being the perfect blend of being both a donut and a croissant; having said that though, texture-wise, I do like both the Frissant and Cronut equally;

shoutout thx to my luv for trekking all the way to Swiss Bakery for this :-*

Frissant: Salted caramel - 2

J's comment > same comment as above, but whereas the Original has two layers of cream, this one had just one larger layer; the 'salted caramel' was just the frosting on top which wasn't very much

Hot cross bun - 1

J's comment > ugh... there was some weird aftertaste from this bun that just did NOT work; texture-wise it was your avg bun from the supermarket, a bit on the firm side

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