Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Farewell YVR

April 1, 2015

Hi everyone!

Thank you for reading and following my food (b)log for so long. Wow... time has flown. I started as a means to record the dishes I have tried at restaurants so that on a revisit, I know to reorder favs and ignore not-so-memorable items. If you're paying for your meal you might as well make the calories worth it! At the same time, I hope that my reviews have provided some insight on what to expect, my dear readers, when you dine out.

As I progressed in my logging, I also started a Twitter account to tweet about really good dishes, to praise restaurants and chefs when they have impressed me. My twitter account also serves as a shortcut to finding my fav dishes in YVR. Just search the appropriate hastag, eg for 'chinese', search '#chinese' in my twitter account, @vanbrosia

Anyhoos, most of you probably know by now that I have moved to Paris. Many have asked if I will continue food logging but I can't guarantee anything at the moment as I sort out the paperwork in staying, finding lodging, etc. For sure though, if I do continue, it will not be on as Vanbrosia was geared primarily towards Vancouver.

If you are interested in being notified if/when I start a new log in Paris and Europe, contact me in the form below and I'll email you when the new site is up and running. Otherwise, do please check back on weekly where I'll keep y'all informed on the status of the potential new site.

To all my foodie friends, it was wonderful meeting you all and a great pleasure in sharing our food adventures. Special thanks to my dearest G. for letting me drag him around town and letting me order what I want (usually ;) ).

Until next time! / À bientôt!

- J

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