Thursday, April 09, 2015

Update #1

April 9, 2015

Hey y'all,

So nothing too exciting yet other than stuffing my face w butter and baguettes ;D. Still working on the assimilation factor ie. the bureaucracy papers, but truth be told, it's not as bad as the internet yelped about, but just a lot of steps.

Anyhoos, I'm not going to go in depth on the food reviews, but in a nutshell:

- yes, the baguettes in Paris are in general better than YVR
- the butter is also better by a thin margin (although I haven't tried them all yet, just 4 last week); esp 'Le Beurre Bordier' had the most intriguing texture that was almost like cream, and the most golden yellow that you only read about in books

- the chicken in my Thai green curry was the tenderest I've ever had in any Thai curry in YVR (they're usually dry)

- ramen broth very 'french', not as rich as I prefer (check out light the broth looks!), but noodles just as bouncy as a good ramen should be

- katsu very well deep fried, juicy and succulent, well done; curry on the other hand a bit 'supermarket-y'

- I prefer brasserie foods eg. the escargot tart and flamed yet still raw beef tartare, to finer dining which also had very unusual items eg. the potato gratin foie gras & the fish sausage, but either way, in general I find French food a bit too salty

- and no, McD's is still the same; ground beef tastes 'beefier', but otherwise as meh as every other McD's I've ever had

- the cakes! OMG, the cakes are really scrumptious, and so bountiful! Thierry, Chez Christophe and Bel Cafe qualities at every corner practically!!! And then there are the cakes that just blow all cakes I've ever had out of the water. I finally had THE cheesecake, and THE most divine salted caramel chocolate cake (not shown as I *shock!!* inhaled it all before I remembered to take a pic)

Anyhoos, so that's about it for the first week. Hope that keeps y'all curiosity sated for the time being ;D

- J

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