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'Owdy Stranger!

I'm J. I love good food and adventure. Mix those together and you've got an ambitious chica trekking through town determined to try every restaurant. Thankfully, Vancouver, BC is a smorgasbord of yumminess.

My site is a little different from other foodies' blogs, as I'm only interested in the best of the best. The way I see it, when I go to a restaurant, I don't want to eat 'average' and definitely not 'awful'. I want to eat the tastiest dish on the menu! So I look to only order 3's in the future whenever I go back to a restaurant that I have been to before. I try at least three new restaurants every week, so please keep checking back for updates on my homepage.

FYI, I don't just rate dishes from restaurants, I rate store-purchased items as well. Hint: search for 'groceries' in the search bar to see what I mean.

Comments or questions and shares of your food journey would be much appreciated. To get in touch with me, you can email me @ butter[at]vanbrosia.com or use the contact form on the right side bar.

Thanks for stopping by!

- J

P.S. I am not paid to rate the dishes on my blog. These are my personal ratings, but most people who have tried the same dish with me usually agree with my opinion.

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