About Vanbrosia.com

Q: What's the deal with Vanbrosia.com? There's nothing to read about other than the dishes' descriptions and some numbers!

A: The purpose of Vanbrosia.com is to quickly (huge emphasis on 'quickly' in case you missed that) scroll through the post(s) of the restaurant you want to eat at and decide what to order. Picture this:

You are walking down the street and see Restaurant X that serves tacos. You go in and take a seat, look at the menu and get stumped among the 5 options that all strike your fancy. The server is about to come over for the third time wondering if you have decided yet. What are you going to order?

Not to stress, whip out your smart phone and go to www.vanbrosia.com where you can quickly search for Restaurant X and see what has been eaten there in the past by J (that's me!). The format of all the posts are so that you can get to the ratings of the dishes ASAP (for more on the ratings, click on the link on the top bar, or here).

To be sure, your palate might not agree with J's, but what's the harm in giving it a shot? If you agree with my ratings, please leave a comment so I know I've helped someone, or if you're not on Google+, you can contact me with the form on the right side bar. If you disagree, you'll probably also leave a comment or contact me, which you are most welcome to do as I depend on y'all to keep me up to date on the status of the dishes at all the restaurants.

There you go. Now you've just read something. :)

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