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I try to keep it simple with my rating, easy as 1-2-3.

3: Dang this dish was tasty! I am ordering this item every time I come back; exceptions to the re-ordering of this dish is rare. I'll come back to this joint before I exhaust visiting every restaurant on my list just for this dish.

2+: Really really good! I enjoyed eating every last bite, but would like to see what other restaurants offer.

2: Average. Vancouver can do much better; didn't spit it out but didn't wow me either.

1: Spat it out.

Usually my ratings are either 2 or 2+. 3's are always a pleasant surprise.

All my posts are at least 95% pictures with captions and the ranking number. I don't indulge in writing except for the occasional comments and notes because all I'm interested in is a reference of the dish (the picture) and how much I liked it (the ranking number) for future visits.

All ratings are based purely on my own experiences, and no compensation was received for these ratings.

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I rank my dishes in descending order of favourites. So a 3 will come before a 2 before a 1 etc. If there are several 2's on the page, it means I had the slightest bit preference for the first '2' dish, but not significant enough for the first '2' to be a '2+'. eg:

Meat - 2

Fish - 2

This means I liked the Meat just a little bit more than the Fish on this particular post.

Also, I group appies and mains together, with dessert, drinks, then menus to follow. So even if I had a 3 for dessert and only 2's for mains, the dessert will still come after the mains. Visual template:


[picture of restaurant front]

mains and appys




[urbanspoon link]

[restaurant weblink]
(this will be the actual restaurant's website, or if unavailable, a Google search for the restaurant's name)

[Google map insert]

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